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Keynote speakers at this conference included internationally renowned researchers in the field of Nutrition for Maternal and Child Health.  SAIFRN and UNICEF showcased the achievements made by South Asian countries in progressing towards the Millennium Development Goals and identifying continuing gaps for priority developments. The conference proceedings were published in a Programme Book, and the free papers were published in an Abstract book which contains 26 oral presentations and 86 poster presentations.


Plenary Speaker Highlights

  1. Prof. S.V. Subramanian from the Harvard Chan School of Public Health spoke on Child undernutrition in South Asia from an equity perspective.

  2. Dr. Kaosar Afsana expanded on BRAC’s experience in the community based programme "Alive and Thrive" which focused on scaling up infant and young child feeding practices in Bangladesh.

  3. Dr. Purnima Menon from IFPRI stressed the vital role that implementation research has in supporting the scale up of maternal and child nutrition interventions.

  4. Dr. Rae Galloway (Maternal and Child Survival Program, USA) shared her extensive experience and talked on the role of women’s nutrition during adolescence, pregnancy and lactation and how it can improve both maternal and child health outcomes.

To view the detailed program please click here.

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